Payment Options:


We accept Paypal as well as all Major Credit Cards. All transactions take place over a secure server. All information is encrypted during processing and is not held anywhere within the website. Barsey Jewellery will never have access to your credit card details.

If you prefer you can call us on +44 (0)7494 045 773 and give us your card details, and again these details are only held with us until the transaction has gone through, after that this information is no longer available.


In order for us to take payments, the company and the website need to be vetted, and only if vetting is passed, then approval is given to take payments. Barsey Jewellery has passed the necessary requirements allowing it to take payments from clients online, in person or via the telephone. 


You can feel safe that our site is fully secured because upon payment every secure page will be prefixed with a 'https' web address.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.